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Restored Path Detox Reviews & Testimonials

We love when referents, patients, and their families share their detox success stories with us. At Restored Path Detox, we’re committed to ensuring your needs are met and that you have a positive, healing experience. Please read some of our detox testimonials below.

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Restored Path Detox is a phenomenal facility with great staff and accommodations for clients throughout their stay. They helped me when I truly needed it and set me on the right path to recovery. I recommend Restored Path Detox to anyone with a friend or family member seeking treatment and needing help toward a new life.

Tyler T.


I love this place. Restored Path has an amazing and caring staff in a beautiful, tranquil setting. Not only do I recommend it to others, but I would also send a family member there. I have had nothing but positive feedback from those I referred there. Keep up the great work!

Stephan M.


I needed help at the most desperate time of my life. I spoke with Ashley, who got me in within a few hours. She is so sweet, compassionate, and has no judgment. The staff was very attentive, took time to listen, and made me feel safe. Shout out to Mike, Emily, Theresa, Allen, Rhonda, and everyone who helped me! I highly recommend Restored Path Detox in Frisco; it changed my life.

Kelly M.


I would 100% recommend this facility to anyone going through any addiction. I was so nervous to experience the discomfort of withdrawals, but I knew something needed to be done. Upon arriving, everyone was SO WARM in a way that didn’t feel fake, or “I’m doing this because the government pays me.” It is genuine people who were once in your shoes. My biggest concern was being away from my mom and dad, but upon arrival, Nurse Case greeted me first, then I met my case manager, Rhonda (the sweetest person ever), and my other nurse, Theresa ❤️❤️ (and PLENTY more). If you guys are seeing this, I love you and miss you!!!!!! This was life changing. Addendum: So many great snacks!!!

Brooke B.


I’m incredibly grateful for the care I was given while detoxing in a great facility. The staff’s care was constant, with genuine compassion. Thank you, Restored Path Detox!



Wonderful facility with friendly staff willing to help. Thoughtful and compassionate in every way. Highly recommended.

Hagan D.


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